Friday, August 1, 2014

Casting glass.

I broke in the new glass rod on some smallmouth bass today.  About 15.  Several 12-14 inchers on the day.  

Heck, even this guy put a bend in the new stick.

I didn't spend much time out today.  The line was a pain in the butt.  I has it out yesterday trying to take the coil out of the line.  The line was sold on the reel and seemed to be on there a while.  It kept twisting and coiling.  Grrr, threw off my casts.  Pat's Rubber Legs was the fly today.  I was very impressed with how the Featherlight loads and how light it is which also makes for a great fight.  I just may pick up the 7'.  This rod just might be my new trout stick too.


  1. Another "Featherlight" convert it appears..................................
    They are an amazing rod, bunches of fun to fish, and you can purchase all (3) models for $100.