Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage fly reels & Rainy's Evazote foam

Vintage Mitchell, Berkley and Heddon reels.  Guess I shoulda known they made reels.  If you didn't already know, folks are buying them to match up with vintage and new glass rods.

I bought this Martin 61 and some blue line to go on this vintage tuna can reel.  However, to match my EC Featherlight rod, I bought a cheap reel.  I could've bought a gold Orvis reel to match but it's a cheap rod and I really don't need a high dollar set up to chase smallmouth bass.  Besides, I already bought an Allen rod and reel and TFO rod for smallmouth bass this year.  

I'll give a review on this cheap reel, my Martin tuna cans and The Fine Art of Creek Fishing.  I just have to get around to spending some time on the stream but it's too dang hot.

I also bought Rainy's Evazote foam.  Love it.

I hope to do some wading Saturday morning.  I've got grasshoppers in my garden and yard.  Hopefully, I can still #throwdahoppa.  Maybe, it won't get too hot too quickly this weekend.

Tight lines.

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