Monday, August 11, 2014

Vintage fly reels - Martin reel.

I just bought a Martin 63 reel.  It may be from the 80's.  According to a link I found, the key to dating it may be he plastic hub. .  It could be made by Martin or perhaps Zebco.  It's interesting to look up information on these reels and companies.  

I am also lookin at a red South Bend 1122 which I think is made in Japan and possibly by Shakespeare.  I know some guys that have been collecting vintage glass rods and reels.  I'm interested in pursuing these older reels to match my glass rods.  I saw an old Berkley glass rod and from the Fiberglass Fly Rod facebook page, I've learned there are a number of good old glass rods and reels out there that can be purchased at a fair price.

I'm wondering, which vintage reels my readers own.  Does anyone have a certain preference for certain brand name vintage rods?  In the meantime, I've got some reels to watch on ebay.


  1. I think that reel would look great on a vintage glass rod for sure! Keep us updated with future purchases and best of luck in the bidding wars.

  2. My previous two comments disappeared into the unknown! Great choice of reel. Keep hanging out at and you will learn more than you ever thought possible. I only use Orvis click-pawl reels and paired with old glass are great.