Friday, August 29, 2014

Fussy Fall Smallmouth Bass

It was a frustrating morning yesterday.  I had planned to fish this weekend but storms threaten the outings.  Thunderstorms were supposed to quench the dry garden today but that never happened.  So, I was very frustrated in making up my mind yesterday morning.  I hadn't slept much the night before and had a Honey-Do List waiting on me.  About 8:45, I decided to fish a spot where I would be shaded enough not to melt in 95 degree sun rays.  

By the time I arrived, I had convinced myself to tie on a foam hopper and stick with it.   Of course, me being me, that plan didn't work out.  The silly little fish were interested enough but not big enough to take a large Evazote foam hopper on a B200 bass hook.  However, a large Sucker decided he wanted it and he and I fought like crazy on the Eagle Claw Featherlight.  It was awesome until he yanked so hard the hook came out.  Oh well, he have about 5 or 6 jumps.   

I was stealthy as heck.  The water was down quite a bit and the bass never returned to the hole I waded through to access the stream.  With the hopper, I tried a soft presentation and a loud presentation.  I would even twitch the fly a little bit too.  I had a few takers but the hook didn't set and I would lose them on the jump.  And it seemed that they smallmouth were closing down their mouths on the hoppers and once the fight ensued, they would spit out the fly. 

After many close calls, I switched to Pat's Rubber Legs.  It's been a savior this year.  But, even with this fly on, the bass were still shy.  They came out to look or tug on it.  Even though the area was shaded, the smallmouth bass were hugging structure.  I only fished maybe an hour and a half.  I could tell it was going to be a challenging day on the stream and I still had to finish my chores at home.  This was a day when your drift had to be spot on.  Ya know, drift it right to them and even then . . . 

Hoppers have been abundant the past few weeks.  I'm wondering if they already had full bellies.

Selling a few things to save up for a rod from Blue Halo.


  1. You had the same idea I had and I found fussy fall fish as well. Fingers crossed for Monday.

  2. Make that three of us. I think they are sensing the change in seasons.