Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creek chub fly fishing

I was fishing on the headwaters of a stream on which I tried fishing further downstream where the water temps were freezing. USGS water temps noted the headwaters at 50 degrees.

Last year, it was snowing and frigid outside. I didn't care what hit my fly yesterday. I just wanted to get out and land something. I took in some bass, chubs and bream from this spot last week on a spinning rod and popper.

In a way, this trip reminded me of why I started this blog. As a way to help folks new to fly fishing or thinking it was just for trout or salmon - or maybe for the affluent anglers only.

I was reminded because a lady walked by and mentioned it was a good creek to practice fly fishing. I mentioned I was actually pursuing fish and it didn't matter what type. I took in about 15 bream and about 5 creek chubs. Those creek chubs are pretty good fighters. I'll take what I can get in January.

I may even go out for walleye next weekend. A first for me.

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  1. River
    Glad you was able to get out and land some nice looking fish. This post kind of reminds me of the up coming spring. Thanks for sharing