Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still tying flies. Foam bluegill and foam bass fly.

I've tied up 100+ foam flies over the past few weeks.  Last week, I went out to one of my favorite spots on a stream and it seemed like that even though we are having a warm snap, the fish finally decided to hibernate.  The Red Horse, Northern Hog Suckers and bream are still at prey in deep holes but I want me some bass.

I just woke up with my sinuses dried out and my head pounding.  And I'm still gonna tie some flies.  The family is asleep and I've got to brew some wake-up coffee.  It's great to bring MY coffee in to MY man cave, sit down at MY desk and enjoy tying MY flies.  I looked at some man cave items at Hobby Loddy to decorate the walls.  Yes - I mentioned Hobby Lobby.  Lots of cool metal signage and metal dozers, planes and vehicles to place about on shelves and furniture.  I've got to find a place to put this electric train my kids no longer play with . . . and it will look good on a mantle or something.  The old lady took over my last man cave and made it a guest room.  So, this is the last room available.  The kids' playroom, lol.  Yes, I am sharing space with Legos, Hot Wheels and other toys.  Soon, I will be sharing it with a pet bluegill or bass.  I've just got to get the aquarium and such stuff.

I tied up this green fly shown above with triangular shaped foam.  It's based off the Los Alamos Ant, which you can find in my blog with tying instructions.  It's not my own pattern but one I found several years back.  I provided the head of the fly with more surface so that it could have a little more pop and gurgle.

I just read Bill Trussel's blog.  Nice bass.  And it's January, lol.  Makes me wanna hit the pond too.  I shoulda!!!  Oh yeah, I couldn't.  The truck is having issues.  I did what I could but it's gonna have to go in the shop Monday and have the coils replaced.

Guess I'm stuck tying flies again today.  YEAH!!!!!

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