Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still tying foam flies for bass and bluegills - smallmouth - fly fishing

I had a look at some of Jay's flies at Fly Fishing Obsessed. It helped me to be creative this morning. I decided to tie up some wasps. I may buy some of that bumble bee foam - maybe Cabela's will have some when it opens. They were supposed to be open by Spring but now the Grand Opening will be this Summer. I can't wait!!! We used to have a Sportsman's Warehouse with $1 flies and some decent fly tying materials. It closed down and an Academy opened down the road from Sportsman's. No fly tying materials but lots of decent flies and fly fishing gear. Anyways, tied up about 8 wasps this morning. I am hoping to refine the pattern a little bit. Maybe if I had some of that bumble bee foam, it could be used at the tail. I don't think the fish will be too picky. Although, those dang bluegills can be pickier than trout. I love the way they come up look at your fly and swim away in disgust to tell the others not to head that way.

As usual, I tried to keep the pattern simple.  I've always tried to promote warm water fly fishing and through my efforts, tried to make it simple.  A lot of folks are scared away simply by the fly rod and having to learn about insects, drifting, reading a stream, etc.  But it doesn't have to be more than just casting into a pond and having a fish slam the fly just as it lands on the surface.

I'm still learning to read streams and locate smallmouth bass.  Heck, I'm still trying to draw largemouth bass out from their murky lairs.  I still practice drifting and even am learning streams themselves which can differ so much throughout the year.

All I know is that fly fishing keeps my mind busy.  As I have always told my superiors or even when interviewing for a position is that I am constantly looking for ways to learn and improve processes and tasks or whatever it is I am doing.  Unlocking a stream or part of a stream is awesome.  Even if it was just for a season.

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  1. Great ties--the foam pattern is one of my favorite into fall. Colors in green and yellow are the ones I like in spring and summer. Thanks for sharing