Saturday, January 28, 2012

Foam flies - bass and bluegill - panfish and smallmouth

I am having the heck of a time with Blogger today. I've lost a few pics on the upload and can't move my pics on the page. Sheesh. I couldn't even upload to Twitpic today.

I love foam flies. This pattern was the first pattern of last year that was quite effective. I remember landing several bass, bluegills and a carp on this fly - all in one hot afternoon. You can drift this fly or pop it. This is a simple pattern and I honestly hate giving instructions. One or two of my pics are gone, so this is what's left.

Email me with any questions. Hopefully, this lame post wont scare folks away. I'm just tired of dealing with lousy devices and sites.

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  1. The foam popper is a killer and I have used them early like you are doing. I have just logged onto blogger and not having problems yet that want mean no problems, because I have had my share. Thanks for sharing