Sunday, January 1, 2012

Smallmouth Fly Fishing in early Fall. Streamers, bass bugs, etc.

Fish will migrate to deeper water. The smallmouth may be sitting on points. Are they sitting on one spot of the point of the whole stretch? Think about rock, woods and points such as you would on a lake. Look to fish the side with the current. Sometimes, they'll be on the edge or backside of the point.

Smallmouth bass think they are all monsters. Even the small ones.

When fishing smaller streams, look to fish in deep holes and along the edges of grass, weeds, and structure. Same goes for early spring bass. This stuff works for me but I'm far from the best and I don't land giants. I take whatever hits my fly and I am happy with it. I'm always looking for those larger bass and choice wading water.

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  1. River
    Smallmouth is a lot like Spots, they tend to be aggressive especially in early spring. These two species of bass are my favorite on the fly.