Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 First Day Out

Crummy weather is moving in. It's supposed to snow anywhere between 2 to 10 inches between tonight and tomorrow. Hello, I'm in the South . . . gimme a break Mother Nature!!!

The fog moved in on the stream and choked me up. I couldn't breath without choking and didn't want to risk getting sick from too much moisture. The water temp was pretty chilly - Not unbearable but the water had to be less than 40 degrees.

Started out with my "Yellow Stream Fly" and landed a few bass fingerlings. Hung out on the stream for about 2 hours before cursing the late winter. Not a bad day out. I did better than expected.

Wish I took my camera - caught a large crawdad on the butt of my rod - BIG pinchers. He did not want to let go of my rod - I had kicked him up out of somewhere and was booting him downstream as I walked. Poor guy. I finally put him on a nice shallow shoal.

I got rained on too. Twice. At one point, I stood under the bridge and tried to wait it out. Time to tie up some wooly buggers.


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