Monday, January 24, 2011

More Bluegill Flies

Most every fly fisherman knows that you can chuck just about anything at a bluegill and it'll take it . . . more than most other species anyway. I have tied a lot of custom flies, bought 'em, and collected them from fly swaps.

So, you could say that my list of bluegill flies is pretty long. But I will share a short list with you anyway. At least those currently with me now.

  • Serendipity - light green
  • Renegade
  • Elk Hair Caddis
  • Bitch Creek Nymph
  • Green Humpy
  • white stillborn midge
  • flashback pheasant tail nymph
  • brown CDC emerger midge
  • red brassie
  • Copper bead olive zebra midge
  • P.T choronomid
  • black parachute caddis emerger
I will end up losing about half of those the first day out. Most of these will also be used to drift for bass. Out of these, I think the Elk Hair Caddis has been most successful for me. I take small bass on those midges. Large Pumpkin Seed usually pummel my Bitch Creek.

I like to tied up a bunch of Jeremiah Nymph Two's for landing 'gills. It's a Tom Nixon pattern. I just might share it with ya'.

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