Monday, January 24, 2011

Tying up a few fly patterns today.

This fly pattern was sent to me by a friend who chases Whitefish. I am going to throw this ugly thing at a few fish this year. I pulled most of my fly tying materials out of the attic and scattered it about the living room. I have got to clean this mess up before the wife comes in.
This fly pattern is a take on a fly I came up with while trying different patterns for stream bass. You know, smaller Kentucky type bass . . . anyway, unlike the original pattern, this is tied with regular yellow chenille instead of FLAT YELLOW chenille. I added pheasant tippet and a red throat. This is a size 6 bait hook. Yes, a bait hook.
This pattern is a evolution of that same small stream bass fly except that it has hackle. I have landed a lot of bass and bream on this fly. This is on a size 8 bait hook. Flat yellow chenille.
This is the original pattern for small stream bass. I have landed some decent size bass on this fly. This pattern excites me because bass have left their cover to dart out even to the mid part of a stream to take it. I landed two nice bass on this pattern in less than 3 minutes on a small pond.
I forget the hook size but it is a larger nymph hook - probably an 8. This is my copy of a fly I purchased at the local fly shop called the Crappie Killer - except that I forgot to tie in the bead chain eyes. I have indeed landed crappie and rock bass on this pattern . . . along with what is close to my largest smallmouth ever.

Getting revved up for this spring. I may tie up some bug patterns from flip flops today. So exciting!

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