Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scouted some new water today.

I tied this popping bug about 5 years ago. The fly got hung on a log and lost on a stream. I went out with the kids and scouted out a few streams in the area. For the most part, these streams aren't thoroughly deep. They do shrink up quit a bit during a heat wave. You probably won't pull
out any lunkers either.

However, I do think these streams are a perfect fit for me. I enjoy fishing warm shallow streams - clear, beautiful streams. A stream without anybody else on it. These creeks will definitely be filled with bream and bass. And from what I can surmise, crappie too. Won't go into detail about the crappie because I don't want to give away the location.

I do prefer fishing remote locations. I prefer fishing without anyone or others on the same stream. It may sound selfish but it's more relaxing for me. I like to enjoy a serene location to it's fullest. I like clear and quiet streams where I can focus and gather my thoughts. I leave my issues on the stream and go back to life in a relaxed state.

I just might post a pic . . . maybe. But I best not see you.



  1. Riverwalker
    Quick question, what are you using to get the hits from the crappie? I too like to fish away from the public, why because you are going to land more fish where the pressure is the least. Great Post.

  2. I use a pink and chartreuse Clouser, Crappie Killer, white woolie buggers, white woolie buggers with red tip, brown and yellow Clousers and whatever else I can find.

    Oh yes, I have taken them on popping bugs too.