Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Searching for warm water fly fishing patterns.

If you are searching for warm water patterns, please use the search feature on my blog to locate patterns. There are a lot for panfish but also some for bass too - not just pics but tying instructions too.

I caught one of my biggest bass on this fly at Lake Swepco in Gentry, AR. A power station uses a local creek to cool something within the facility, so the outflow is very warm. The lake stays warm all year round. The bass usually spawn in January. This lake is stocked with Florida strain bass and was at one point and may still be off limits to keep any bass.

Parmacheene Bass

Originator: Tom Nixon

Hook: #2 - 1/0, 4X long
Tail: Two red and two white hackle tips
Body: Red chenille ruff at bend of hook, rest of body white chenille
Hackle: One white and one red saddle hackle plamered together over white chenille portion of body
Wing: White topped with red topped with white bucktail. This example substitutes white mylar and red mylar fibers from mylar dusters

Tyer: Mark Delaney, Lake Charles, LA

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