Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Juicy Foam Flies


The past few weeks have been tough going for topwater action.  I've had smallmouth bass slashing at my flies but not hitting them.  Panfish have been tough going too.  What's the old timer saying?  "Five days before a full moon and five days after".  I may have to go with that one.  I decided to make a fly that wasn't as large as my hoppers but juicy enough to tempt a bass or large panfish.  The size 10 fly as pictured above came to mind.  I've had some bass pulling my flies down r simply shying away from them.  So, I developed these little buggers.  

Besides, I'm preparing for next year . . . 100 panfish is my target.  Bill Trussell from Fishing Through Life challenged himself to land 100 bluegills.  I think he came pretty close to that goal.  I've got some streams and ponds in mind.  Heck, I'm gonna hit some new water too.

I've landed some big fat panfish this year and hope to continue with that trend next year.  All I've been coming into since July is small stuff.  I also tied a wasp.  It's also size 10 and an improvement on that ghastly version I came up with last year.

I'm hoping the hurricane doesn't bring too much rain this weekend.  I've been thinking, if bluegills were as big as bass, nobody would fish for bass anymore.



  1. That wasp fly might be killer. One color that works great in the mtns here late april in may is a yellow hammer. I know there are yellow mayflies but I think sometimes the fish might be looking for wasps too. Many times they make nests on bridges and branches that hang over the water. A wasp or two has to fall in the water every now and then.

  2. Josh
    Trust me fishing is going to pick up as the water cools for the fall. I have landed some of my best bass on top with the poppers in October.

  3. Thanks guys. Has some topwater action today but still tough going.