Thursday, August 9, 2012

Samwich Hopper - time to buy hoppers!


I call this fly the Samwich Hopper.  Fall is here and with the heat, I think the grasshoppers came out a bit early this year.  As we all know, Fall is a great time for topwater action for smallmouth bass.  Of course, bluegills and other species will snack on those tobacco spittin' bugs.

I tied up a new fly.  I simply named it the Samwich Hopper.  I know that it's gonna get tagged by some fish.  Why?  I know my fish and was just catching smallmouth last week on a similar fly about the same size too.  Even a few warmouth hooked themselves upon those size 4 Chernobyl Ants.

I love tying hoppers, poppers and foam bugs because I love topwater action.  These Samwich Hoppers are for sale at my store.
I'll probably list some on ebay soon.  Solid body construction and a return policy too!

It's been raining off and on for the last several days.  It's the most rain I've seen all year.  I hope this will bring the streams up a bit and make the riffles a bit more swift.

Tight Lines!!

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