Friday, August 3, 2012

Who doesn't love top water action?!

I've been tying up some Chernobyl Ants/Hoppe to sell on ebay.  I've done pretty decent selling flies this summer.  With the boob tube boring me to death and the internet vastly cataloged and searched by yours truly, I have been staying busy tying flies and selling them through different avenues.  One week, I may sell 18 sets of flies, the next . . . 3 sets of yummy top-water goodness.

The majority of the flies I sell are top-water patterns.  Why??  Simply because!  Because it rules!!  I absolutely love it.  It is probably the number one reason I love panfish.  I grew up fishing for lake trout in B.C. and eventually transitioned to warmwater species after moving to AR.  I would have to say that a Kamloops trout rivals a largemouth bass or big smallie.  But it's those little dudes with 'tudes - those panfish.

Scoping out my favorite hole yesterday, I noticed that the fish were stacked in holes.  Drought has really wreaked havoc on the streams.  Lots of algea, low water, less riffles and my honey holes may dry up!!!  The fish are chasing each other and scaring others out of their spots.  They are pretty skittish.  I've seen large bass lurking in about 6 inches of water.  And you know what I'm gonna take with me tomorrow??  Top-water flies!

I've got Chernobyl Ants/Hoppers and other flies for sale on ebay.

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  1. Josh
    I agree I fish the top water most of the time--in fact I sometimes wonder why I think I need all these down under flies.