Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's a bass. Hot outing.

This isn't a great pic but it's a fish. One of just a few I caught last night which was cut short due to some pretty nasty weather on it's way into the area. The storm tore through Sulphur Springs. It seemed that a tornado hit that town. Trees were down on roof tops, branches torn off and the city park looked like a bomb went off. With the storm coming in, the darkness arrived sooner. My evening of fishing was cut short. I couldn't work the stream like I wanted to do it. I only landed 6 bass. They weren't great but it was something. The fish were short striking and pretty leary. Water is receding rapidly and it seems that the water is pretty dirty too.

During the previous two springs, we had some flooding which allowed fish to move from deeper holes into more shallow areas of the stream. Now, it seems that the water may just dry up. Won't that make fishing stink! I've been posting a lot of smallmouth pictures but next year, I hope to post a bunch of panfish pics. I'm gonna do like My friend Bill Trussell and try to catch 100 bluegills - but I'm gonna make it panfish in general.

Oh yeah, it was 108 degrees when I hit the stream. I made sure to carry a pack with water bottles. I've listed some Chernobyl Ants just like the pattern on which I caught the larger bass.


  1. Josh
    Nice looking bass, I know the humidity is bad there like it is here. I like the daylight fishing this time of the year. Thanks for sharing

  2. Water is slow, nasty and warm. Fishing is slow but I think even though we have a drought, it's typical for this time of year on this portion of the river system.