Friday, August 10, 2012

Smallmouth fly pattern - Ugly Kong

I'm heading out to the stream tomorrow.  Maybe some smallmouth bass will hammer my topwater flies.  I may tie on a few panfish flies too.  With the weather dropping about 10 degrees and the evenings cooling down, tomorrow morning should be an enjoyable outing.  Whereas, the last few times I went fishing, it was at least 104 - 108 degrees.

I've been tying up flies today.  The pattern in the photo is my take on the King Kong but with a larger hook.  The design calls for elk hair as the 3 wings.  I lost my elk hair and deer hair.  I can't find that stuff anywhere!!

Anyways, just throwing up a photo to share with my friends and readers.  If you are on Instagram, my ID is smallie74.

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