Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Flies - Looking for more Followers.

I used to be all about spreading the word of warm water fly fishing.  Then it was about Tom Nixon and his flies - which I don't think I ever went that deep, lol.  My old blog had more info on Tom Nixon's panfish flies and the Tom Nixon Memorial Swaps that I participated in with folks from his old fly fishing club in Lake Charles, LA.  Thanks to Mark Delaney for those invites!  I bought Tom's book and proceeded to tie up the Calcasieu Pigboat, Jeremiah Nymph One and Two!

At this point, I'm trying to move the blog into something more than just foam flies and chasing smallmouth bass.  Obviously, if you follow my blog, you know I have a couple of goals next year which is to catch 100 bluegills (or large panfish) and to find a few new holes to land more largemouth bass.  I was going to hit the local trout stream with my father in November but that didn't happen.  Possibly, we will go next week . . . but my father has a tight schedule.  We're watching the weather and with some snow or sleet predicted, I don't want him unable to get back home and to work.

My blog isn't fancy like Pilecast's or Fiberglass Manifesto's sites.  I don't give away swag or stickers either.  However, I can always send out some flies.  I like those blog stickers and am trying to be trendy and put some on the back of my truck, lol.

I've got 44 followers and that's great and "muchly' appreciated but it's always a good thing to get to know a few more folks.  It's interesting to see that other blogs my followers have joined.  It makes me feel privileged to know that someone following a fishing guide who lands amazing trout and salmon has interest in that fact that I land small fish, he he.

So, I'll try to make this simple.  I want to get 10 more followers.  When you join, post a message on this Post informing me of it.  The next 10 folks who join will go into a trivia "drawing" and the first 3 people to answer correctly will receive the 4 (size 8) Juicy Foam Flies shown in the photo - (leg color may vary).  

I've only done one or two giveaways but this time I won't be quizzing folks about Tom Nixon, lol.  I guess more folks know of him than I realized.  My blog isn't exactly providing fiery stories about amazing fishing trips such as trekking into the woods, camping out whilst smoking cigars and drinking some type of indie brew.  Then waking on an amazing morning and landing fish during an amazing hatch.  The only hatches I see are canoe hatches.  The strange thing is those folks who float attract bass towards the canoes.  Odd.

Good luck to me!  And good luck to you folks who may be joining this bland blog of mine.


  1. I have been reading your blog through a rss feed reader for some time


    1. Great to hear Jack! Shoot me your email I'll send you some info later on our trivia. Thanks!

  2. Josh, warmwater flyfishing is GREAT! I've been blogging since 2008 ( I only have 40-some Followers, but my blog has been getting around 3,000 views/month. My point simply being that more people are probably visiting and enjoying your blog than you realize. Just keep posting about what is interesting to you...along with your favorite pictures. I just found your site today, and I like what I've seen so far! Keep it up...and keep fishing! :)