Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Still tying flies as I ponder what to chase.

http://myworld.ebay.com/riverwalker74 - I have about 40 listings of bass and panfish flies.

I haven't done much fishing since September.  I haven't sold many flies on ebay either.  This fall was a tough one for me.  Action slowed down quite a bit on the local smallmouth river . . . or maybe it was just me.  In all honesty, I got burned out on chasing smallies.

My favorite small lake for panfish has been dually affected by the drought which has brought on a pretty bad algae bloom.  Road work and inlaying of sewer pipes has caused runoff of mud into the lake.  I called the state office and let them know how the lake has been impacted by the road work.  Water has been backing up behind the road work into a field.  The creek isn't flowing properly under the highway and the pond is dwindling and muddy.  So, I haven't been able to hop down to my local hot-spot for my favorite little fighters - panfish!!

My truck has some issues and has been sitting since about mid-October.  The guys at the local shop had to use a compound and do some bevelling and what-not on the intake manifold -  due to pitting and some small cracks or crazing.  The heads also had pitting and had to be resurface.  I've only got about 150K on the truck!!

2 days after bringing it home, I find the radiator has now begun to spew coolant.  I'm doing research on a good aftermarket radiator.  I'm just going to put it in myself.  Just holding out because I can be lazy about it.

My father and I were supposed to go trout fishing which would be my first time out for that species in years.  Instead, I made a long road trip to visit some other family at Thanksgiving.  It's been good to get out and do different things other than fish.  I've been walking most days or riding a stationary bike.

In speaking with a buddy of mine who has been fishing the same stretch of river, we both found that fishing hasn't been as productive in our favorite holes.  And some local guys have been loading up stringers in a stream that has been afffected by the drought.  Smallmouth haven't been able to move within the same stretches of stream and folks are plucking them out of isolated pools.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to making a trip out with my father for trout, chasing creek chubs in January and opening day at Roaring River.  I'm still tying flies and listing them on ebay!!

Cheers.  Hope I haven't bored ya'll to death.

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