Thursday, December 27, 2012


I have changed the name and domain of my blog.  I am hoping the domain name is more synonymous with my postings.  Initially, I was all about my purpose in life and why we're all here . . . and try and tie that in with life - blah, blah, blah - spirituality . . . when all it's about is being outdoors and enjoying yourself.

I was promoting warm water flies and panfishing.  More specifically, Tom Nixon flies.  I moved my blog here and lost some posts but eventually moved from  largemouth bass and panfish to smallmouth and panfish.  From posting instructions, I am now promoting foam flies.  Why buy them when you can tie them??

Three of my accesses have been posted or are now inaccessable.  So, I've got to find some new LMB water.  My favorite lake is being negatively impacted by drought and highway construction.  So, next year, my blog should be a bit more interesting that just posting pics of smallmouth bass.  I will also try to post flies with tying instructions - mainly panfish flies.  The kayak was only put in the water about 5 times this spring but in the pursuit of LMB, I hope to have it out on a couple of planned outings.

Chasing creek chubs will be something I hope to make an early year tradition.  They are pretty good fighters and I got into a good mess of them a time or two last year.  These guys are more popular than folks realize.

I've been selling flies on my blog, through ebay and Instagram.  This keeps me busy.  Even with my other responsibilities, I need something constructive to keep me focused.  I can post and post but what's posting flies and nonsense unless I've got some fish pics?

My blog gets lot of traffic but it lacks in comments and followers.  Maybe this next year a few more folks will decide my blog is interesting.  That would be a good thing.  If anyone is interested in purchasing my flies email me at


  1. Josh,

    I don't always get a lot of comments either. Recently I lost a follower on Facebook. I notice these things and tend to take them to heart. What I forget though is why I started writing in the first place. I love fishing and I love tying. I started my blog to chronicle both. Always remember to write for you and only you. The comments will come. If not, that's ok too. You know we sell flies as well. It takes a while to break into the business so to speak. Don't plan on making any money on it either. Tie for you and tie for the enjoyment of it. Sometimes I don't make it to the vise cause I am just not feeling it. Just enjoy! HTH.

    1. I sell enough flies to buy some fuel on a trip every now and then. The money I make on them goes back to materials, lol. I sold more flies this year than last but mostly on ebay. A bit through my blog and starting to get some through Instagram. I do mainly write for me and I really appreciate the viewers. Especially folks who love to chase panfish and don't care what sizt the bass are ( for the most part, he he.) Thanks!