Thursday, December 20, 2012

Galloup's Articulated Circus Peanut - 3rd attempt.

Getting better!  Still working on this pattern and if you can believe it, I already have an offer to buy some!!  Just posted this pic on Instagram and blammo!!  Within minutes I have actually wowed myself.  Guess I may have to list this pattern on ebay.

What a beauty!  My father sent me a Cabela's Gift card for X-Mas.  I will be buying some more materials for these articulated beauties . . . or a lanyard, lol.  I want to support my local fly shop but this is free money!  I am on a roll this evening and loving it.  If anyone wants to buy this pattern, let me know it!


  1. I believe it. Those patterns look awesome. Does it take a lot of material to tie them? It seems kind of like an expensive pattern to tie.

    1. It doesn't take any more than tying 2 flies. You'll need some backing, monofilament or craft wire and some beads to make the connector. I'm posting another pic today of the Boogie Man.