Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pat's Rubber Legs - Nymphing for Bass

This is my second favorite Smallmouth Bass pattern.  When it comes to bass - what's the saying? - "More legs is better".  I use weighted Pat's Rubber Legs - anywhere from a size 10 to 6 and the odd 4 here and there.   I find these flies challenging (but not too much) to tye.  All those legs!  I had to do some shopping around to find the right color legs and chenille - think I found chocolate brown chenille somewhere last year.  Honestly, tying your own PAt's Rubber Legs beats paying around $3 for a fly.

Back when I almost exclusively fished for Panfish on small creeks, I used to carry different trout nymphs and those found in Tom Nixon's Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish - such as the Jeremiah Nymph 1 and Nymph 2 - of which I can't remember because I gave the book to someone else.  Obviously, it mimicks a Stonefly but I also would like to think the fish believe it's a Hellgrammite.  I guess you could tie in some marabout or rabbit strip.  Mainly, I just drift the fly but I will occassionally strip it.

I would give a tying recipe or instructions but this video that I found at the Die Fische Blog is the best tying video I have seen on Pat's.  

Just as Die Fische gives credit - please note it was made by Tightline Productions.

Can't wait for warmer weather - love wet wading.

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