Friday, January 27, 2017

Steeve's Los Alamos Ant - foam fly pattern for bass and bluegill

I learned about this pattern in about 2008 or so.  The pattern is from "Tying Flies with Foam Fur and Feathers" by Harrision R. Steeves III.  I began using the Los Alamos Ant for panfish with very succesful results.  I started out using size 8-10 patterns and then moved up to 6.  I used to drift this fly on the Middle Fork of the White River for large Pumpkin Seed and Bluegills.  The Spotted Bass of Richland Creek took to this fly very well.  I use basic streamer Mustad hooks supplied by my father but I will also use larger gap hooks such as those from Allen Fly Fishing and Gamakatsu.

I was an idiot and for some reason thought that cutting the tip off the bottom piece of foam (step 6) looked stupid and I just fished it with inverted triangles and an indicator on top.  Pictured above.


  • 2 mm foam
  • rubber legs
  • chenille or peacock herl
  • whichever hook you choose
  • marker for eyes or spots on body

1. Cut two triangles from whichever color combo you choose for this pattern.  It took me several attempts to get the proportions correct.  

2. Lay down a good layer of thread and then tie in legs.  If needed, trim legs.

3. Tie in foam - reverse the triangles - make sure they lay down opposite each other with the top foam pointing up and back.

4. Tie in chenille or herl.  I believe the original pattern calls for herl but I always use chenille.  Leave enough space to secure the front of the foam body.

5. Secure foam.  

6. Trim bottom piece of foam back at the tip of the eye.

7. Tie in legs - secure against foam body.  

8. Make several half-hitches around the body and legs or wind thread back to shank and whip-finish.  

9. Make sure to apply adhesive on thread wraps at the rear and front of the fly.  Do your best to keep adhesive off of legs because it will mess them up such as hardening or warping.

10. Draw on eyes.  Give this fly some life!  You can also choose to design a pattern on the body.  OR - as I do sometimes, design the pattern on the foam before cutting it.  You could draw black eyes with yellow pupils and have a yellow body with black spots (try crystal chenille or something flashy for the underbody) - the combos and designs are endless and fun.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tight Lines.

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  1. Josh, thanks for sharing another great pattern. I have not tied this pattern before, so I will plan on doing so, and, see how it turns out.
    Question? Does River Road Creation have a Cutter for the Triangle shaped body, or, is hit pretty much hit and miss until you have it figured out?