Friday, January 13, 2017

River Road Creations Cutters - Review

Those of you that read my blog know that I enjoy tying foam flies. Mainly, I tossed them at panfish and began tying them for bass too. And did I ever slay the Smallies with those Hoppers! The first "foamie" (as I lovingly refer to foam flies) that I ever set eyes upon was the Club Sandwich Hopper at the local Orvis shop. I mainly casted Betts' poppers but when I say that foam fly, I knew what I was walking out of that store with - foam. The Orvis site had tying instructions for the Club Sandwich Hopper. I tyed up a few and then progressed into foam cylinder poppers and Gurglers. Even though I was making deer hair poppers for bass, it was a foam popping bug that hooked my first topwater largemouth bass. 

One tool that helps me to have a clean cut and more refined look to my foam flies is a River Road Creations cutting tool. I've been using them for 5 or 6 years now. It's not just the foam cuttters that have helped me to tye better flies but also videos and forums and just sitting down for hours on end. At one point, I was selling quite a few online. Until I got sick of it, ha.

Today, someone asked me if these Cutters are worth buying?  YES.  You can buy one Cutter or a set.  There are wing cutters and Chernobyl cutters, stonefly cutters, etc.  It even comes with a white rubber pad - "The white cutting pad that comes with your cutter is required to use your cutter - to ensure that it lasts for many, many uses, as well as to protect damage to work surface. Each River Road Creations cutter must be used with the pad provided, or a replacement pad for proper use."

The cutters provide proficiency and an accurate cut.  The lifespan is upwards of 2,500 cuts (bodies) and possibly many, many more.

Even though the cutters can be found on other sites, I buy directly from them.  


  1. Josh
    Great job at the vice, I could see some monster bluegills killing this hopper come spawning season. I am so into bluegill fishing with the fly rod. Thanks for sharing

  2. Josh, those are some exciting patterns tied with Foam. I love fly fishing for Bluegill and Bass and taking them on the surface, as you know, is awesome fun. I need to spend more time tying with foam and build up my patterns I use. Thanks for doing a review on the Cutters. I may need to consider them now in preparation for the upcoming season.