Thursday, January 26, 2017

Smallie Hopper

Another creation with the help of the Beavertail Cutter from River Road Creations.  I am more than certain this pattern will land a fish. I have tossed hopper after hopper to fish and they all have landed bass or panfish.


  • .5 mm green foam (1/2 mm)
  • 2 mm tan foam
  • 2 mm yellow foam
  • rubber legs
  • Gamakatsu b10s hook

1. Use your Beavertail Cutter to press out tan and yellow foam bodies from 2 mm foam.

2. Tie a knot in 2 pairs of legs.

2. Lay down several layers of thread on the shank.  Some people prefer to dub the shank.  It's up to you but I don't mess with it because the fish don't care.

3. Tie in foam pieces at first segment.

4. Add legs

5. Trim legs.

6. Wind thread forwards and secure body at the next segment.  Make several wraps at the least.  Don't tie in legs yet.

7. Cut out the wing from .5 mm foam with a Size 6-8 Chernobyl Tapered Foam Cutter (or just cut one by hand) and tie in about a millimeter or two short from the back end (if you want or just extend it same length as body - I don't like a long wing).  Trim wing after tying in - NOT BEFORE.

8. Cut an indicator and tie it in.  Then secure legs.  If needed, trim legs.

9. EITHER - Make several half hitches around the indicator and body or wrap thread to eye and make some whip finishes - It's up to you.

10. Make sure to use plenty of adhesive - preferably Zap-a-Gap along hook shank and thread wraps.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tight lines.



  1. Another awesome pattern great work at the bench---for sure a smallie and bluegill killer--thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Bill. Filling up the box.

  2. Josh, as always, find your patterns intriguing and ready to jump right out of the vise and go fishing. I can see the benefit of having the form cutters. Makes for uniformity in fly tying. Are using a Permanent Marker to color the foam spots?

    1. I will occasionally use a marker but this is frog foam from River Road Creations. Thanks.