Friday, March 13, 2009

First white bass outing this year.

I just remembered, there is now a limit on white bass. 25. There used to be no limit on Beaver Lake and it's tributaries. There are more and more people coming out every year for white bass.
It's not just the new access but also that a local fly shop is pushing their products and most importantly, the population boom. It still astounds me how destructible man can be. I wish folks would pick up after themselves - and most importantly!!!! - - keep to the limit and quit taking undersized fish!!!!!!!!

Even thought the white bass run for just a little while, the local hole on War Eagle gets trashed. One year it was closed down.
Anyway, the water still hasn't reached 55 degress yet. Some white bass are being caught while they stage at the mouths of some creeks and caught in the back of some coves. I went to my lucky hole. It's a spot that floods during most years and the waters receed further down the creek so that the white bass stay in about a 200 hundred yard area.

I caught a few small kentucky bass on a small yellow fly - which I will post in a while. Pretty simple to tie. It's based af the Yellow and Black which I took from Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish - by Tom Nixon.

No white bass today. I went further down and fished a stretch along with 5 other people. Nobody landed a thing.

It snowed a bit yesterday. A cold front came through. Who knows when the white bass will run. On year, I was catching them in May on this stretch.

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