Monday, March 16, 2009

War Eagle Creek

With family activities, you tend to spend a lot less time on hobbies. This year, I am trying to maximize my time on the water fishing. There are certain creeks and waters that I planned out - and several others in the works.

I went down to War Eagle Creek. We had a cold snap last week but this week is supposed to be about 75 degrees or so for several days. I am looking for water temps to warm up for the white bass run. I don't see that happening for several weeks yet - at least warm enough for them to head into War Eagle up to the dam.

I may catch a few this weekend on the White River. Who knows. Today, I landed 13 bass ranging from about 6 to 12 inches. All were caught in small slews and off structure in quiet waters. The creek was running pretty swift and cold.

I still haven't patched my waders. You have to get a pass from the mill to fish and even those are numbered. Yet, I was the only guy there fishing.

Almost all were caught on chartruese yellow or white rooster tails. I used my ultra-light spinning rod. I haven't been on this creek in about 8 or 9 years - I forgot the terrain. I dislike casting and handling line and watching for trees and bushes behind me - all the while watching my footing as I fly fish. I did find a number of spots to drift and cast with my fly rod on my next outing there.

It's gonna be awesome when the water gets warm!!!

I was in a rush this morning. Dropped the kids off and went by the bank. I still had to dry my waders out with a blow dryer. I had filled them up with water to find leaks and there was still water in the feet!!

I stopped to fuel up and realized I had forgotten my wading boots - went back home. It wasn't until I caught my first fish that I realized the camera was still at home.

Not a bad day!!

Next week is spring break for the kids and I didn't realize when I put in for vacation that was already approved before I knew of the dates!!! White bass this Saturday and maybe Spavinaw Creek on Monday!!

Hoping to fish Illinois River soon!

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