Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fly fishing with spinners.

This is a Calcasieu Pig Boat with a Colorado spinning blade. There are those that feel that fly fishing with spinners isn't a functional form of the sport. Quite possibly even that it is mechanical.

However, spinners had been used quite frequently by many fly fisherman in the past - prior to the mid-70's to early 80's. Part of a presentation to fish and mostly to bass is the presence of noise or vibration. Popping bugs entice bass that aren't possibly even hungry - even those with a large crawdad laying in their stomachs. Patterns that flow such as bunny hair leech patterns or the Gully worm coerce a bass into eating them. Such as it is with spinners - they provide vibrations and attraction - bass react to vibrations and disturbances. Not those large man made noises but small disturbances in the water such as made by a fish. i truly believe that bass - large bass - need to be coerced or woken up to the fact a meal is nearby. That may not be the fact during the spawn.

For example, you can pummel the same spot over and over with a popping bug until a bass finally decides to take it. I say, as long as the fly has fur, foam, or feathers, it's ok to have that spinner. It was accepted in the past and seemingly shunned if not partially accepted.

A good book to read about using spinners is Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for Bass and Panfish by Tom Nixon. He provides knowledge to a great extent about which ones to choose and how to present them.If you are trolling with a fly - using a spinner is probably a good idea.

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