Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow Beetle - Bluegill Fly Pattern

This was received in a fly swap. The there were a few left over and I had a fun with these. Now, they are all gone.

Size 10 hook

Body - 2 pieces of foam glued together and shaped with scissors.

Legs - rubber - tied in on second segment of body. Crystal flash was tied in with the legs too but you can barely see it.

Indicator - white foam

I copied this pattern and sold some on ebay - fairly simple. That's what this fly pattern is - simple. As with most foam fly patterns, bluegills will take them fairly well. I used to drift this on a few local creeks. I took a bunch of sunfish and bluegills off one fallen tree. I drifted this on the Middle Fork of the White River. There was a deep hole and the fish sat under some rocks that jutted out over the sandy creek bottom. I would drift and pop it. Lovely Pumpkin Seeds - big and juicy - great fighters. I used a 3 wgt. rod which is broken now.

I am waiting for the white bass to run. I may go out but there is a line of thunderstorms almost here. All my stuff is ready. I have probably jinxed myself now.

I will give more in-depth instructions and am hoping to put a few on You Tube.


  1. Great looking fly... thanks for sharing!

  2. No prob - I love sharing fly patterns for bluegills! I will be posting bluegill photos soon.