Monday, March 23, 2009

Largemouth Bass Fly Pattern - popping bug

Alas, this poor fly has disappeared among the brambles and branches of Lake Bobb Kidd. I have a few of these cork bodies left to make this largemouth bass fly pattern - and perhaps, you could land a smallmouth with it too.

My father gave a bunch of these to me. A friend of his got them from some close out sale. The cork was already glued to the hook shank and wrapped with some thick thread. I just used Testor's Paint - used a Q-Tip dipped in black. For the eyes, I cut the Q-Tip in half and dipped it in yellow. Then I wittled the other end down to a sharp point, dipped it in red for the Iris. The front of the popper is red. The body was sprayed with lacquer finish - before tying!

The weed guard is 20 lbs. test line made by Shakespeare.

I landed several largemouth bass at Bob Kidd. Never failed, took my boat out (before I sold it!!!), headed out to the nasty end. You had to be careful, you never knew what your trolling motor would hit.

I would cast out around the edges of the lily pads and work my way to fallen trees, hog wire, old barrels and whatever else. Lovely spot for largemouth bass. I would always land at the very least one bass - it was pretty crowded - sometimes, expecially crowded with crappie fisherman.

I used my 5 wgt., not my 8 wgt. Shoulda taken it once though - had a really big one on and tried to set the hook, played him and he was gone. I couldn't muscle him with that 5 wgt. fly rod.


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