Monday, March 9, 2009

Love those bluegills!

I enjoy landing those little - sometimes not so small sunfish. Those bruiser bluegills can get hefty. What really ticks me off is how picky they can be - juat like trout. One day they'll hit everything you throw at them. The next day, they stare at you and flap those stupid little fins.
What makes fly fishing exciting for me is the tug of war. Those little guys can sure tug and zip around. It's a great fight on light tackle, an ultra-light rod or 3 wgt. or 4 wgt fly rod.
I enjoy tying patterns or making them up as I go along. That's because I know more than likely, a sunfish will suck it up. I've gone out with nymphs to a pond and landed bass. A few times before, I used a CDC fly - made up by a friend in Oregon - and landed a few small channel cats that came to the surface (oddly enough).
I was heavily involved in fly swaps. So, my fly boxes are made up of patterns from other folks mixed in with mine.

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