Sunday, March 22, 2009

White bass fly patterns.

Here are two effective white bass patterns. The first is obviously a Clouser and the second, is a Crazy Dad. To learn how to tie the Crazy Dad, visit this site - my local fly shop - The Clouser has chartreuse material on top (can't remember the material name) and bucktail on the bottom along with some silver tinsel. You can also use craft fur. Some crystal flash won't hurt either.Both patterns are weighted to take the fly down where the white bass hang out. They school near the bottom of streams and rivers when spawning. The best set up is a 5 wgt. with intermediate sinking line. The sinking line helps with presentation - keeps the fly at the same level - floating line really can hurt presentation for a crawdad. Sinking line lies in synch with the fly - pulling it along the bottom instead of upwards. OX tippet or leader will do - 8 lbs. or 10 lbs. test. These fish are very strong fighters.
Your presentation will differ - try stripping it in fast or slow - differ your approach. Usually, white bass feed on minnows, shad, and crawdads. They lie and wait at the edges of riffles and school about - fast little suckers too! They dart around in pools and if the timing is right, you can land one after the other. They begin their run in early spring when the water hits 55 - 60 degrees. Usually, they only spawn for a few weeks. However, you can still catch a school here or there throughout the year.
White bass taste great too! All it takes is one fillet for a nice meal. Can't wait for the white bass run.

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